Earlier this month, we visited Paris with JAB Anstoetz UK during Paris Deco Off and Maison et Objet to see the latest from brands releasing collections in the city of light.

JAB Anstoetz were celebrating the opening of their Paris showroom on rue du Mail and we were really impressed with the local flavour of the showroom.  The red carpet, fashion-boutique-style awnings, the grand piano covered in silver vinyl fabric (being played by an unreasonably hip Parisian man) and the oversized LED screen playing glamorous JAB movies created a chic background to the new JAB Anstoetz collections being launched worldwide.  Rue du Mail was filled with fluttering Paris Deco Off flags positioned outside the many fabric houses and we spotted references in almost every showroom to old film reels and movies.

In St Germain the flags again led us around the genteel streets of the Left Bank that play host to more fabric houses and before long a cheeky stop was required at Les Magots for the best hot chocolate in Paris (it was raining and we had caught a very early train from London).

The next day we tackled Maison et Objet and loved the Elle Deco cafe (though we couldn’t get in – the queue!), Antolini Luigi was certainly grabbing attention though we’re not sure it was the right kind (I’m not saying anymore), we loved Tracey Kendall’s innnovative wallpaper, Astier de Villatte was a delight as always (can we move the whole stand into the office?), Lalique’s new furniture by Studio Andree Putman was stunning and George Smith were incredibly welcoming (thanks for the lovely coffee!).

The show was certainly buzzing but after visiting Paris Deco Off and Maison it was interesting to see how many brands had left the show and taken up premises in the city, much to the benefit of the brands, their customers, designers and Paris Deco Off.  That said the combination of both exhibition and event worked very well as Maison had a wealth of trends, innovations and new brands; we left feeling très inspirées.  Thank you JAB.