Earlier this month, Roast Restaurant unveiled a new addition to its menu; The Ultimate Roast Burger. Wild Card conceived the mash-up as a way of propelling Roast onto the news pages, the innovative creation is the latest foodie fusion to take the capital by storm.

The Ultimate Roast Burger is a delicious – and extremely calorific! – cross between a roast dinner and a burger (because why choose one when you can have both?), with layers of carved tender Welsh Black roast beef stacked with lashings of carrot piccalilli and horseradish sour cream, topped with melted ale and mustard cheddar, curly kale and pickled red cabbage; all sandwiched between a roast potato, rosemary and garlic bun.

By using the finest quality ingredients to fuse two of Britain’s best-loved dishes, we were able to tap into a huge food trend and position Roast at the forefront of the industry, while still sticking to its roots.  Nowadays, it’s hard to turn a corner in London or open a magazine without coming across the latest mash-up, be that a Duffin, Bizza or Ramen Burger, but as food PRs we know that it’s key to ensure all activity has a purpose and is aligned with your brand to see the best possible results.

This unique invention has seen Roast well and truly stand out from the crowds this January, and with coverage appearing in the likes of Metro, Time Out and BBC Breakfast, it’s proved that there’s no sign of the hybrid trend slowing down any time soon.

So we say why not leave the calorie counting at the door and beat the January blues with the most indulgent dish to hit the capital this year!