The Saturday Telegraph’s new look Weekend supplement launched on Saturday 4th July and was met with great excitement here at Wild Card. We love the expanded food and drink section, with its new layout and colour scheme.  The cover piece of the 4th July issue was a lovely recipe feature by Diana Henry about the little known cuisine of the Soviet empire – very interesting and inspiring. In the 11th July issue, Xanthe Clay’s feature about homemade ice lollies was met with delight, especially her frozen watermelon top tip (which sounds so delicious and easy that we can’t believe we’ve not done it before).

We also love the new Bitegeist: Going Up Going Down food column. In the 4th July issue, we learned that ice cream sandwiches are on the up hurray! And the fact that bone broth is going down was met with some relief.

We have also enjoyed columnist Stephen Harris’ first two pieces very much, and the extra pages mean there is more space for inspiring and delicious recipes like Stephen’s lemon tart and roast sea bass recipes, which we will definitely be attempting soon.  Read more here:

We are all keen to see the next edition out tomorrow and there will definitely be a scramble to review it come Monday morning!