Several brands and organisations are celebrating World Toilet Day today, with a host of stunts and publicity grabbing activities.

University College London has become the first university to mark the awareness day, through organising a number of events that educate participants about world sanitation. The free events include a toilet exhibition, ‘Makespace’ lab (where you can design your own loo) and the chance to try out an eco toilet.

For the occasion WaterAid have created a light-hearted YouTube video featuring their toilet character Louie the Loo. The family friendly tune is sure to be a hit with the kids and already has had almost 60k views.

Our very own Villeroy & Boch has marked the day by commissioning a survey and lifting the lid on loo habits in the UK:

–       Men are winning the toilet wars, as 63 per cent get in there first in the morning, ahead of 47 per cent of women. Men in the London area are the fastest at getting into the smallest room of the house. But on average, a fifth of men spend at least 10 minutes waiting to get in, if they don’t make it in there first.

–       Using the entire loo roll and not replacing it is the most likely to cause disagreements with partners, housemates or family, with almost a third of the UK population having argued about it.

–       Leaving the toilet seat up comes a close second as a cause of arguments in the household, with 28 per cent

–       Portable devices such as smart phones and tablets have replaced the traditional book as the top thing to take in the bathroom when sitting on the loo, with almost a third of people using these while on the ‘throne’. But not in Wales, reading a good old fashioned book still comes up as the top method of entertainment while doing your business.

–       Cleaning the toilet is the task within the bathroom that most disgusts us, as 43 per cent of people in the UK hate it. Those in Yorkshire feel most hard done by when it comes to cleaning the toilet.