Snapchat: Marketing for Brands

In a social media landscape where video rules and immersive media continues to infiltrate newsfeeds, it’s little wonder that Snapchat is enjoying a moment in the sun. The channel has over 100 million daily users and 9,000 snaps are shared every second. It’s no surprise that a recent report found it is the third most popular app among millennials, behind Facebook and Instagram.

But what exactly is Snapchat and more importantly what function could it play in your marketing and comms efforts?

At its heart, the mobile only messaging app is a way to send images, text or short form video independently or collated into ‘stories.’ It’s perhaps most famous for the lenses where you can take selfies and then style up the photograph with graphics or even swap parts of your face with someone else in the image to make some rather interesting hybrids. None of this sounds like territory for a business we can hear you shouting. However, with 86% of the audience aged 13-34, Snapchat has arguably become The social network to speak to a younger audience.

We’ve pulled together a checklist for getting your brand on Snapchat.


  • Get On Snapchat: If you don’t already have Snapchat, what are you waiting for? Download it, play on it, take a few snaps. Familiarise yourself with it. Scroll to to the Live updates on the right, and you’ll get a gallery of what Snapchat sees as the best content. This will help shape your thoughts and understanding.
  • Register your brand’s name: The staff at snapchat are very accommodating when it comes to brands, they want you on the platform. Try to register your company’s name as it’s written. If it’s taken, email the Snapchat support and they’ll help sort the situation. You will be asked to fill in a form, and wait 30 days. After that, the name is all yours.
  • Sort your profile image: The profile image on Snapchat is unlike any other social network. It’s not static, but instead a combination of multiple images taken concurrently. You will have to get creative but make sure your brands logo or key identifying symbol is visible.
  • Support your Snapchat: There’s no way currently of supporting your Snapchat through paid media on the app itself. So make sure you create assets to announce your arrival on your other social networks, Twitter in particular, and serve regular reminders to your audience to join you on Snapchat.
  • Arm yourself with a plan: It’s crucial you have a plan before you post anything. Settle on what you want the channel to be, pick events you’d like it to support and ensure you have the right person in charge.
  • Don’t rush in: Just because everyone is starting to use it doesn’t mean you have to hastily pull a plan together. Wait until you think the moment is right to announce your arrival.

At Wild Card PR, we specialise in helping brands develop a powerful social media strategy. We’ve guided numerous brands through their first steps on to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We’re here to help make sure your strategy and content is delivering for your business aims and goals.