At the Home & Lifestyle PR division at Wild Card, we live and breathe the world of design and in 2015 in particular we watched how proactive and successful brands, events and individuals have been across social media in the homes, design and interiors sector. It has been interesting watching! We’ve highlighted a few feeds that we think have done well in 2015 and also look at how they performed during the key LDF period.


2015 was particularly successful in terms of social media growth for Design Milk (find them on Twitter and Instagram) on both Instagram and Twitter adding over 212k and 66k followers respectively in the last 6 months. Impressive. Over 30% of the traffic to the site comes from social media too, so what are Jaime Derringer and the Design Milk team doing right? Design Milk the blog was founded in 2006 and is entirely dedicated to the best in modern design always directing readers to a website where they can enquire direct about every item. The layout is clean, easy to use, and the items reviewed (and their images) are carefully selected and curated. What is not to like? It has personality and gravitas, and the high quality contributors are present at every modern design related event taking place in the Western world. The content posted on the Design Milk social media feeds reflect the blog perfectly leading to an average growth in twitter followers of 264 people per day in the last six months. During LDF 2015, Design Milk received more than 500 comments on just their Instagram posts alone and ranked second in terms of engagement out of all the Instagram accounts we tracked behind London Design Festival itself.


As expected London Design Festival (see the festival on Twitter and Instagram) has shown huge growth in 2015 and, of all the homes and interiors accounts we followed, had the largest influence during the actual festival and the year as a whole. Not surprising really when the show is attended by more than 350,000 people and in 2015 there were more than 400 events during the show; during Sep and Oct the festival received more than 16k mentions in tweets, 3.5k retweets, 647 comments on Instagram and nearly 55k likes on Instagram. I still think that more work could be done about the fake LDF accounts kicking around and reinforcing the correct LDF hash tags during LDF 2016. However, this is an account to follow, engage with and post about if you are taking part in the festival in any shape or form.


Jordan and Russell are two interior designers that many in the London design world will know as the 2 Lovely Gays. Throughout the year we have tracked their successes on social media as they have continued to establish themselves as influencers through their feeds (find them on Twitter and Instagram). Truly they are two very lovely people and we enjoyed tracking them really take hold of Instagram and own it during LDF after our ‘Digital Design Festival’ event in September where we told attendees (including the Jordan and Russell) that Instagram was up for grabs. At that time (15th Sep) only five Instagram feeds had posted more than 10 times about #LDF15 and Jordan and Russell took that on-board. They received higher engagement on Instagram in terms of comments and likes than both House & Garden and Decorex during LDF. We can also see that through the year they have been carefully curating who they follow on twitter and building their influence online with beautiful posts on all channels, takeovers on Instagram and other targeted activities.


House & Garden have taken the biscuit though when it comes to publications. The growth on Twitter and Instagram for the Condé Nast magazine has been the highest of all the UK glossy home interest magazines we follow. Regular posts of links to interesting galleries on their website, recipes, videos, competitions, events and inspiration has driven a growth in followers on twitter of nearly 20,000 people over the last six months, and a staggering 45,000 followers on instagram. It’s hard to see if the publication is advertising to help support this growth but by just looking at the level of continual engagement they receive on posts across all feeds, you can see that their content is of a very good quality.


Finally, we feel that Decorex did really well during the year, and in comparison to some other shows and exhibitions dedicated to interiors and home interest, they have made a concerted effort to have a year-round content plan (see the exhibition on Twitter and Instagram). They came second behind the London Design Festival channels for mentions (3512) and retweets (346) on Twitter during LDF showing that they have clearly got their exhibitors and visitors on side on social media. They have added more than 5000 followers on Twitter and 600 followers on Instagram in the last six months. The exhibition did not rank a highly as other feeds we reviewed when tracking #LDF15, however the show had it’s own hashtags during LDF this year including #Decorex and #MakingLuxury which received more than 5400 and 1300 tweets respectively during the festival and more than 900 people posted images using the Decorex hashtag during the exhibition. A very targeted approach that has clearly worked!


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