Just when we thought the ‘selfie’ craze was at critical velocity of being the height of narcissism, a recent social media campaign by Cancer Research UK has managed to buck the pouty and over-Instagram-filtered trend.

The charity took to social media to promote the hashtag #nomakeupselfie, where girls were encouraged to post a slap-free face and donate £3 to help beat Cancer. They then nominate another three friends to do the same. The campaign has had a phenomenal response, raising over £2 million in 48 hours.

Posting on their Google+ page, Cancer Research UK thanked the hundreds of thousands of women who have participated, saying they are “overwhelmed by your incredible support”.

This is a fantastic example of a multi-platform social network campaign, with users able to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ – key networks to the demographic they have been targeting. If you would like to donate to Cancer Research UK, you can text BEAT to 70099 or click here for more details.