Social Media was a phenomenal tool for businesses large and small in 2015, and 2016 looks to be bigger than ever as the growth of social media shows no sign of peaking just yet. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 trends for your business on social in the coming year.

1. Your employees will become more of a social media asset.

Having thousands of fans on Facebook can make your business look popular and impressive to the outside world, but sometimes these fans can be unengaged and un-engaging. Fans that don’t like, comment or share your content can actually cause you to get ‘marked down’ in social algorithms. This is where your employees come into play; a recent study found that social content that is shared by an employee gets eight times more engagement than that of a regular user.

Bringing your employees into play on social media might be about to get a little easier with the introduction of tools from social media pioneers such as Amplify from Hootsuite. Power to the people! Well, the employees.

2. Social advertising continues to grow (and might become more expensive).

Social media ads are the backbone of revenue for companies like Facebook, with the incredible rise of these targeted and tailored ads that can out perform traditional digital advertising by displaying only to hose users interested in your products or services. 2016 will see the market share for native ads grow more than ever before, but with growing popularity comes the risk of growing expense, with the simple dynamic of supply and demand for ad space making it a more competitive marketplace – you might end up paying a few more pence per click than you were in 2015.

3. Social messaging gets monetised.

A staggering amount of us use social messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and Snapchat, with one source putting it as high as almost 4 billion globally. With this much user data available to the app developers, there will be an increased drive to try and monetise this largely untapped arena of social media. For example, by knowing that 10% of your Facebook fans send links to their friends about the latest diet or fitness fad, you could use this info to tailor your social content, advertising, or even NPD to suit their interests.

4. Social video takes over.

Unless you are a technophobe, you probably noticed that in 2015 your social media feeds got stuffed full of auto-playing, sponsored videos from brands. Now beyond its initial infancy, we’re predicting more creativity and tailoring of content delivered via short sharp videos in 2016. Our top prediction for innovation in 2016 would have to be Periscope, with its increasing popularity and unique properties as a network – finding a way to sell non-traditional advertising space should be a fun challenge for owners Twitter and their preferred partners.

5. Productivity based social media takes over the workplace.

Our final tip is one that we have been promised for a while, but looks more likely than ever to take off: Internal social networks (e.g not public facing) have been touted as the death of internal emails and phone calls between employees, a more collaborative and social way for teams to work and contribute to everything from the latest company project through to drinks at the pub on Friday.

Based on chat rooms – long thought of as in the internet graveyard – systems such as Slack (used by Nasa) and Facebook at Work will create a more fluid and social way for employees to interact and work together in 2016.