The summer months are filled with holidays, staycations, the occasional wedding and sporting events, so how do you keep your audience engaged with all these activities going on? Twitter UK have just shared some key information on the social trends this summer, with vital information to anyone planning or implementing a social strategy.


With the vast majority of users accessing social media from their phones, it’s important to keep your social messages to bite-size pieces of information that are easily digested. As two-thirds of your audience will be accessing Twitter while on holiday, make sure the content is relevant and the messages are positive – no-one wants to be reminded of the doom and gloom of back home! Also, 71% of users will tweet while actually on holiday, so the content generated should ideally be of valuable to holiday-makers . Think stats on sunbathing or how best to top-up that tan, keeping it relevant to your client.


Where will your audience be? Think about your core demographic and relate your content around their potential travel plans. If you’re working with a high-end client, they probably won’t be on a staycation – make the content relative to their lifestyle. Remember that people will be accessing social media at different times than usual, so think about where you would be reading your tweets if you were on holiday.


Think about reasons your audience will be looking at social media and keep this in mind when generating your content. Mentioning local areas where your clients are based is a good way of tapping into holiday-makers who would not necessarily know about your client. For example, tourist spots like Cambridge will have higher visitor numbers over the summer period – think about how you can capture a new audience, while keeping the content relevant to your current fans. This kind of ‘social selling’ is a great way of planting a seed and potentially driving some traffic to your client’s website!

We’re extremely grateful for Twitter sharing this valuable information and you can see the full infographic here. Also, The @TwitterUKI_SME is a great resource for information and always has new ways to engage with your audiences.