Tetley Super Teas are functional blends infused with vitamins for clinical health benefits and considered one of the biggest innovations in the tea category. Laurent Sagarra, Head of Product Innovation at Tetley has teamed up with Futurologists at The Future Foundation to continue the brand’s development. They have forecasted consumer trends of 2026 to predict the five biggest advances in the nation’s favourite drink through the ‘The Future of Tea’ campaign.

The study predicts that sensor-powered kitchens will deliver customised blends based on health information from wearable tech. This will enable the consumer to make a brew specifically engineered to their own tastes. By 2026, hardened tea drinkers will have become ‘domestic blenders’, using smart tools to grow tea plants and brew tea leaves from the comfort of their home.

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Instead of simply putting the kettle on, predictions suggest we will be able to drink and eat tea in the form of jelly, tablets, sprays, sorbets and syrups. Tea has always been renowned for its health-giving properties, but in ten years’ time, Remedy Teas will emerge. Building on the success of Tetley’s Super Teas, blends will be enriched with the same benefits as painkillers and antibiotics, as well as readymade blends to cater for a range of ailments including anything from hair loss to a hangover.

‘The Future of Tea’ was a content-rich campaign for Wild Card to take on board, securing news and feature sell-ins across key media and influencers, generating over 140 pieces of coverage across national, consumer, broadcast and lifestyle media. Highlights include The Daily Mail, Telegraph.co.uk, Express.co.uk, FT.co.uk, Metro.co.uk, INews.co.uk, Newsweek, Vice, Glamour.co.uk and Yahoo! You can read all about the #futureoftea here.