It’s January, it’s cold, it’s wet and now there is a tube strike to top it all off. 115 tube stations are closed today and for all of you that are currently in the office, with a soggy pair of trainers underneath your desk, Wild Card has taken a look at how London’s business have made a marketing opportunity out of the chaos.

Interestingly, Transport for London have taken a humour lead strategy with their customer facing messaging in stations to entertain commuters. They have reassured us that “bus services will operate as normal and by normal we mean that they will be like a Lunchbox packed with heaving, sweaty, angry flesh”.

Fitness First is throwing open its doors to Londoners amid the strikes. Commuters will be given free access to shower and gym facilities across Fitness First’s 47 London outlets when they show their Oyster card during the strike.

The affect has been far reaching, with Perfect Funerals lending their voice to the mix, commenting that “it could be worse; you could be making your final journey”.

Channel 4 have also posted a ‘handy’ service update of all tube lines, with comical captions, warning commuters that if they take the Northern Line they “might as well stay in bed”.

Social media is also buzzing with conversation about the strikes. Innocent Drinks have tapped into other news by commenting “at least we have our reasonable house prices, eh? [sound of weeping]”.

However, Uber has been accused of “greed” after the company tripled its prices to cash in as the London Underground grounds to a halt. Uber users tweeted their anger at the online taxi company, expressing outrage as taxi fares rose by up to three times when thousands were struggling to get to work.

Whether it is an excuse to have a lie in or simply just a very big 24-hour headache, the strikes will soon be over. From all of us here at Wild Card we wish you a safe commute home tonight.