We’ve seen some really cracking examples of good PR in this year, however we’ve also seen some bizarre and perhaps not entirely thought-out campaigns. Here’s our run down of the strangest stunts and campaigns of the year.

‘Share a Coke’ – Coca Cola

Our Twitter and Facebook feeds were bombarded with Coke bottles this summer, in the brand’s bid to have us sharing a cold beverage – which was nice and great for the brand’s online presence. However, we couldn’t help but notice how the missing letters in ‘Sharing’ might be misconstrued for something a little less refreshing.

Suitcase in Red Square, Moscow – Louis Vuitton

Known for their lavish and extravagant PR stunts, Louis Vuitton took the sarcastic expression ‘travelling light?’ to a new level with a 34-metre long pavilion for an exhibition about the history of travel. However, the Russian government were not impressed by the trunk’s proximity to Lenin’s grave and demanded it be removed as it was too ‘over the top’.

Liquid full-English breakfast – Fuel

New food brand Fuel made the headlines with their new liquid fried breakfast. We can only imagine the demographic this is aimed at (students with not much time?). Each carton contains less than 1% fat, 20g of protein and 230 calories. Scientists apparently tried out 500 combinations before they found the right balance of bacon, eggs and beans…

Q&A with Chief Executive Michael O’Leary – Ryanair

Everyone’s favourite budget airline, Ryanair, were more than a little conscious of their poor reputation. Whether it was disgruntled tweets about paying for baggage allowance or speculating about potentially paying to use the loo, Ryanair thought it was time to let their Chief Executive, Michael O’Leary, respond to these questions directly on Twitter. Using the hashtag #AskMOL, some of O’Learly’s responses included the phrases ‘Get a life, get a job’ and he even began flirting with one user. Needless to say, #AskMOL was trending for quite a while – but not for the reasons intended.

The Man – VIP E-Cigarettes

In a bid to stop the nation smoking, E-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular. VIP, one of the larger names in ‘vaping’ certainly got people talking enough to stop smoking with their latest campaign. Their advert features dialogue exchanged between a man and a woman, which includes the phrases ‘Do you want to see it’, ‘I can get it out if you like’, ‘You can hold it, feel it, put it in your mouth and see how it tastes’… Needless to say, VIP have been inundated with complaints in this over-sexualised campaign and have responded by saying they needed something ‘slightly cheeky’, as they are not allowed to show their actual product in advertising.