The power of content: Celebrating 25 years of Linda McCartney Foods

Wild Card and Wild West specialise in sourcing and creating brand stories, which generate content relevant to the national media agenda. In our omni-channel age, consumers search out and receive information across the full circle of media. To ensure a brand captures its target audience’s attention, messages must be delivered at every media touch point.

This logic was at the heart in our omni-channel campaign for Linda McCartney Foods to celebrate its 25th anniversary during National Vegetarian Week. It both delivered cut through and conveyed the impact the brand has made on meat-free eating through the years.

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Key Messages

Wild Card created three key messages to work cohesively across online, print and social media.

  • Linda McCartney Foods has been opening the doors to meat-free eating for the past 25 years.
  • Linda McCartney made it easier for vegetarians to enjoy delicious, effortless meat free eating with the launch of her range.
  • Linda McCartney pioneered the mainstream popularisation of meat-free eating.


A tool kit of content was created for media, including photography, video, trend research, audio vox pops, infographics, interview time with the McCartney family and celebrity quotes of support – from Kelly Osbourne to Joanna Lumley.

Tasked with communicating this anniversary to media and consumers alike, we implemented a two prong PR approach.

First we revisited the launch on the exact day the McCartney family introduced the brand at a press conference at the Savoy back in 1991, and used this as a teaser to engage with media leading up to Vegetarian Week (16th – 20th May).

Secondly, we leveraged the national week as a timely hook for media, providing new and current content. Both approaches required extensive press liaison, talent management and creative content direction.

Giving the story a newsworthy hook was key, so we commissioned a report to research the vegetarian landscape for the past 25 years and make predictions for 25 years into the future. Using our findings – that a quarter of Brits are set to go meat free by 2041 – we created an engaging infographic to support our news desk sell in.

Wild Card also created a short film including interviews with Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney and never before seen images – which was then edited into snackable content that appeared on both owned and earned channels.

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Inspiring results 

187 million OTS (opportunities to see).

Mary McCartney interview on ITV’s This Morning, plus inclusion on the show’s social feeds with over 2.5million followers.

Coverage target: 45 vs 60 pieces of coverage appearing including national newspapers.

Key Learning: The Power of Content

A strong portfolio of multi channel content ensured blanket coverage across all media channels including social media. The media was offered collateral that could be used in print, online and the publication’s social channels.