The Sleep Room have been busy bees since they launched their comfy beds and one perfect mattress three years ago. In fact they’ve been far more successful than they could ever have hoped for. So the natural thing to do next was to make lovely, snug sofas and armchairs. But as Charlie began planning the next chapter of their story, he decided it seemed a bit strange to be called The Sleep Room yet sell non-bedroomy things. So after a cup of tea and a quick think he decided to change the name to…Loaf. Four letters. Easy to remember. With connotations of home comforts and schlepping about –all very “Sleep Room”.

On May 1st they will be introducing sofas, armchairs, chairs, breakfast-in-bed kits, scatter cushions, day beds and towels on where the Loaf name will start to be mentioned. They’ll also have a load of new beds and bedroomy things launching too. Then, when their groovy new kitchen tables and chairs arrive on October 1st they’ll move to where all of their products will feature.

Nothing else is changing. Same company. Same people. Same customer service. Same poor choice of cardigan worn by Charlie every day. And most importantly, the same stream of happy customers.

On May 3rd 2012, they’ll be hosting a little shindig to show off their new products, introduce you to the new name and give you a tour round their newly improved gaff in Ladbroke Grove. Come on over anytime from 10am – 4pm or 6pm-8pm if evenings work best for you!

Please RSVP to Jess or Laura at or give them a call on 0207 584 1744.