A survey has revealed that a simple lower, middle and upper class is no more, and the traditional class system has been replaced by no less than seven social classes in the UK ranging from the Precariat to the Elite.

At Parker Hobart we’re not convinced of the need for a whopping 7 social classes but it did get us thinking about communication classes. So following a quick office survey we’ve come up with the 7 PR communication classes.

The Networker – very well connected, seems to know everyone and is the go to person for a recommendation on practically everything; from the best place to eat, to the best designer to collaborate with.

The Twitterer – permanently glued to their phones and they start online conversations left, right and centre, they’re always abreast of the latest trending topics and are the first ones to find out about breaking news. Most importantly they are the key drivers for that all important web traffic.

The Charmer – the charmer is a self-confessed chatter box with the phone never far from their ear, they talk incessantly about their clients helping to constantly secure some seriously stonking coverage.

The Result-Smasher – targets are there to be smashed and the result-smasher always manages to achieve it. They are constantly on the hunt for new press opportunities and always think out of the box for how to get their clients involved.

The Organiser – they are the ones that believe there’s an Excel doc for almost everything, helping to run an ultra-efficient press office, deadlines are religiously stuck to and they are always fully prepared for meetings…3 weeks in advance!

The Strategist – they are the ones who know exactly how to connect the dots between a PR campaign and the end consumer. They have a huge amount of industry knowledge and know exactly how to create powerful and effective PR campaigns to get the results clients are looking for.

The Creative – constantly thinking outside the box, the creative is always coming up with quirky ideas from little gems to huge stunts they add the wow-factor to a PR campaign.

The key is to mix and match across the full spectrum of classes for the perfect communications mix! Which communication class are you?

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/britain-now-has-7-social-classes–and-working-class-is-a-dwindling-breed-8557894.html