It’s that time again, where we round up the wackiest and most wonderful stories from this weekend’s papers.

The New Review, The Observer: Can’t make it to the meeting? Get your remote presence drone to go instead. In a feature based on the impending ‘future’, The New Review have listed ways in which you can speak to people, without actually being in the same place. For example, according to ‘The Couple’ app, which vibrates when the couple are touching the same place on their screens at the same time simulating a ‘thumb-kiss’, this sort of “ambient intimacy” will be just as natural as holding hands. Very strange.


The New Review, The Observer: The house that can do its own repairs. According to Materials scientist Mark Miodownik, the future of building will change because technologies are being developed such as self-healing concrete. Building that repair themselves are not only hassle-free but provide huge economic gains. The rise of 3D printing will also revolutionise manufacturing as mass-production will be rife but unique diflucan with no prescription objects will still exist.


Stella Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph: The Empire line strikes back. Ever felt like a bonnet and some silk gloves would just make your outfit, but haven’t had the guts to go out in public? Well, take a leaf out of these girls books. With wardrobes that comprise of Regency day dresses, ball gowns and copious amounts of frill, these ‘Janeites’ are bringing back 19th century chic.


The Independent on Sunday: Ikea’s right-on-flat-pack. £5,000, 4 boxes, 1 mallet = a way of tackling Refugee crisis’ around the world? A great idea from Ikea, we’re excited to find out if it pulls through.


The Sunday Times, Money: Ways to live a luxury lifestyle on a budget. The Sunday Times advises how to scour the internet to find the best deals on designer products. Websites such as and are mentioned but be warned, some deals are not as they seem. Ensure that you read the terms and conditions before purchasing!