Four 2019 digital trends to start shaping your marketing plan today

Aaron Huckett
Head of Digital

The first autumn leaves are falling across the UK, which means it is time to reflect on 2018 and look ahead to 2019. What are the changes and builds you need to make to your digital marketing plan to make a commercial impact? What is on the horizon that will impact this?

Whilst we still have over a quarter of the year left, which may bring with it more insight, take a read of what we predict will be shaping the social media landscape in the year to come, to give you food for thought as you enter planning stages.

1. Transparency

With a year that saw Mark Zuckerberg knocked down a peg or two and Trump shouting fake news from the roof tops; transparency will dominate 2019. For brands, there simply isn’t a question any more on the significance for this issue – it is a must. A recently published study from Sprout Social found that 86% of consumers believe transparency from businesses is key to building trust and reputation. Yet linked to this, the survey also found that many feel companies aren’t nearly transparent enough on social media. Honesty really is the only policy brands should be taking on board.

2. Live Video

Live video streaming seemed to be at the top of the content agenda for many brands this year, and it looks like this will continue into 2019. The ability to instantly connect with consumers and make them feel part of something even if they aren’t there is a powerful way to build brand loyalty. We foresee many brands starting to allocate more of the content budget towards this form of sharing.

3. Blockchain anyone?

Blockchain has been this year’s most talked about digital trend, but often without many people really understanding what it means. Whilst it is present in almost every industry now, we predict it has a promising future in digital marketing.

Consumers are being exposed to far too much content these days, and it is becoming increasingly hard to engage them and interact with brands. That’s where blockchain may be able to help – incentivising consumers to sit through ads and engage – whether this is in the form of leaving feedback, commenting or tagging friends.

4. Passive Networking

An interesting trend emerging in the social media space is passive networking. Engagement is becoming more frequent, but less prolonged, meaning that consumers are potentially becoming apathetic when it comes to being on social media – it is more important than ever to create content that captures (and keeps!) attention.

If you are already in the midst of planning for 2019 and need further insights into how to make sure you are cutting through the online noise, get in touch today.