Our friends at Social Circle are influencer marketing aficionados. As well as partnering with us for our influencer event on 14 Feb , they have been kind enough to share some pearls of wisdom for influencer marketing success.

We’ve been working with Social Media Influencers for around 9 years now, all in all. We’ve witnessed the birth of an industry, and the exponential growth of countless careers from all sides.

With ups and downs of all shapes and sizes, we have finally perfected our process when it comes to implementing and executing a streamlined and successful influencer campaign.

So, like the kind people we are, we are happy to share with you our…


The Wrong Key Message

A favourite client of ours is the largest audiobook company in the world. We ran a giant campaign many years ago with a variety of social influencers, as well as with some above-the-line campaigns in newspapers. We had varying successes along the way, and we continue to work with the client to this day – however – there was one stand-out video which we still can’t forget, even after all this time.

XXXX BRAND is great for people who can’t read

True? Technically, yes.

A key brand message? Not quite.


It’s impossible to prevent incidents like this completely, however it’s important to cover yourself as best as you can. We made sure this won’t happen again and won’t cause the Influencer stress by having to re-edit and reshoot by tightening our briefing process.

We also now make sure to include Key Messages in the briefing form, so they know exactly what the brand is trying to achieve. However, we also include a ‘Don’t’ list – things to absolutely not mention – with anything from competitors, to tone of voice and certain phrasing.

If it’s in the brief, it covers you. If it isn’t, it’s an argument, and some push back. Taking precautions the beginning can avoid trouble further down the line.


The influencer marketing world can sometimes feel like unchartered territory.  Brands don’t know what to pay, and Influencers don’t know what to charge. There is a lot of confusion. On one occasion, we had an influencer who was severely over-paid by a brand for one campaign. They took this as a change in ‘supply and demand’, and thus replied to our quote for a campaign by saying that their rates had changed, and were now sitting at the over-payment rate as standard.


We have built our very own Cost Calculator. We take into account all of the different kinds of interaction that can be had with a piece of content, we work out smart averages, and we are given a price which is reflective of engagement. We use this when suggesting pricing to our clients, and we are dedicated to standardising pricing in Influencer Marketing, so it is fairer on all sides of the equation.



Anyone remember the famous Oreos incident?

(https://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/nov/26/youtube-ad-oreo-banned-advertising-lick-race) Unsuspecting and uneducated brands and influencers falling foe of the now infamous ASA regulations. Remember what we said about unchartered territory? For eons, there were no clear guidelines for how to disclose when your content was sponsored or not. This meant that many creators were simply keeping quiet about their brand partnerships – however it was famously highlighted by the ASA and the press that this was misleading to their audiences. It was a PR nightmare for the brands involved.


Keep up to date on the regulations, or ensure you use a specialist agency (like us!) to guide you through the complex legalities of Influencer Marketing.

We’re always learning and expanding our knowledge base at Social Circle. With career Creators in our office, we pride ourselves on being on the very front lines of the Influencer community.

We live and breathe their content and their work, and this feeds back into our Brand work (https://www.socialcircle.media/for-brands) in the most organic way, resulting in effective campaigns all around.

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