To most people, trend predictions for the following year emanate from New York Fashion week which dominate our screens in mid-February. However, unbeknownst to many, some major trends are being set right under our noses at Spring Fair in the very same week.

While Victoria Beckham and Tommy Hilfiger are directing what style of jacket and cut of jeans will be in fashion, over 60,000 buyers are at the Birmingham NEC deciding what popular homewares, gifts and accessories will be hitting the shelves in the months to come.

We were able to use Spring Fairs’ latest website technology to predict what buyers were interested in in advance of the show, including faux plants, flamingo prints and bright paper lanterns. While lots of these trends were confirmed on the ground at Spring Fair, certain other trends were hard to miss, such as bulb lettered lighting, jam jar glasses and stag head accessories.

On a wider scale, WGSN’s Lisa White gave a fascinating seminar on macro trends to look out for this coming year. She highlighted 4 key themes – ‘Artisan’, ‘Elemental’, ‘Remaster’ and ‘Offbeat’ – many of which were relatable to popular products at Spring Fair, as well as new collections from Wild Card’s interiors clients. The ‘Artisan’ trend is all about organic, handmade interiors in a revolt against our ever technological world, something that could be seen in countless shabby chic stands with wooden, hand painted furnishings. The ‘Elemental’ trend is also a response to our stressful modern world and a desire for calm. This was reflected in cool ombré or marbled designs, grey and neutral colour schemes and the popular, soft Nordic style which was a recurring look across the Homes hall.

Interiors are more lively under the ‘Remaster’ trend, where elements of classic 1970s, African, Asian and European styles are combined with modern looks, such as the revival of Art Deco mirrors and retro patterned cushions. Finally, the ‘Offbeat’ trend which focuses on bright and experimental interiors, was most noticeable in the Kitchenware hall where bold colours, playful ideas and technology were the order of the day.

From an interiors perspective, not only did Spring Fair offer us endless inspiration, but it has got our eyes out on stalks for spotting design trends that will grace our screens, magazines and shops in the year ahead – forget the catwalk, Spring Fair is where the trends are set!