Anyone who’s anyone has at least one social media page in this modern age. Whether you’re browsing Facebook for news updates or surfing through your Twitter feed for dank memes, you’re bound to come across multiple adverts, and these are increasingly these are tending to be video.

With the relative decline of television, social media is where big players in the game are starting to invest their budgets. In 2016, video was the most engaged content type on Facebook, and when engagements mean everything in the social sphere you can see why the investment is following. With Facebook video costing as little as 1p per 3 second view it can be very cost effective.

Not only this, but social platforms themselves are nurturing this deft move to video. With the likes of Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Twitter’s Periscope, influencers themselves are able to share their day to day lives with an audience. We anticipate a lot more engagement with influencers in order to utilise this extra channel in the coming months.

Technology conglomerate Cisco believe that digital video will comprise 82% of internet traffic by 2020, and with tech moving in the right direction with the likes of VR looking into the future, this is without a doubt on the rise.