If you’re experiencing a touch of the Monday blues today then take a look at our weekly round-up with the most interesting and smile-worthy news from over the weekend.

Are you a “sharent”?

We all have those friends that feel the need to share that little too much about their lives. Now with the name “sharents” you can easily identify these thirty-something parents who are just a bit too obsessed with posting pics of their children on Facebook, indulging us with everything from ultra-sound photos to detailed posts on baby’s first words. We have to wonder, is it doing more harm than good?


How to make the world’s most iconic drink, the secret is out!

If you are looking for a challenge this week, why not try your luck at making homemade Coca-Cola? The original “secret formula” was first mixed in 1886 and the recipe has now been officially released to the public. Another one of Coke’s brilliant marketing stunts, the recipe is a rather disturbing concoction of sugar, citric acid, a tonne of caffeine and a few drops of an ‘illegal’ substance, run it all through a soda stream and ‘voila’, you have officially made your own Cocoa-Cola! I think we’ll stick to our 50p cans from the newsagent.


Fancy a fondue?

Are they suggesting fondue went out of fashion?!…Tesco has announced sales of “baking cheeses” are the fastest growing sector of the cheese market with a 30 per cent rise in sales over the past year. With a return to other retro dishes such as meatloaf, prawn cocktails and trifle, we’re already planning our next Parker Hobart fondue party!


Your summer survival guide

From how to organise the perfect picnic to choosing the right pair of sunglasses, The Independent on Sunday has rounded up your guide to the ultimate summer. Our favourite piece of advice is ‘how to look good in swimwear’. Step one; ask yourself “do you really enjoy swimming? If not, forswear the waters forever and the whole swimsuit issue becomes gloriously irrelevant!”


Where to spend it – retailers take action

We love good news stories and although the tragedy at the Bangladesh factory last month is still lingering in people’s minds, it’s great to see that some of the UK’s largest retailers are taking big steps to ensure employees work in safe conditions from now on. For example, M&S have committed to ensuring its suppliers are able to pay workers a living wage in the least-developed countries around the world.