Weekend News Highlights

It seems the topic on everyone’s lips at the moment is women. And about time! We’ve rounded up the best stories from the national newspapers this weekend to show you why women are taking over the world.

Oops, date going well #bigpants – The Sunday Times

In light of the new Bridget Jones book soon to hit the shelves, we ponder on how the digital age has transformed dating. From the pitfalls of accidentally calling your grandparents in the most inopportune moments, to the dangerous world of Facebook-stalking your date. Online dating websites have transformed how we meet people, although how can we be sure we haven’t picked a crazed psychopath whilst accidentally staring at selfies of his abs!


Designing cars that women want to drive – The Telegraph

Women are taking over the small car sector, and in response car manufacturers are now offering more female-friendly options to their products. This includes LED lights in the roof, gold foiled panels in the doors and a substantial colour selection for the car exterior. Alongside this, questions such as ‘can I enter the car easily in a skirt’ and ‘can I press these buttons using long fingernails’ are now at the forefront of their development strategy. Great news for us ladies!


Women of Note – The Independent

The Bank of England recently decided to replace Elizabeth Fry as the face of the £5 note with William Churchill – turning all bank notes male-centric. What about some of the great women out there, including Emmeline Pankhurst, Agatha Christie, Vivienne Westwood and Bridget Riley – come on guys, hand over the cash.


Meet the new wave of activists making feminism thrive in a digital age – The Guardian

With the relaunch of feminist magazine, Spare Rib, and the recent Chime for Change concert in London, the F-word seems to be enjoying a well-deserved revival. Caitlin Moran, Lucy-Anne Holmes and Kat Banyard take us through the new wave of global empowerment for women. Now, where did we put our Spice Girls t-shirt? #GirlPower