It’s that time again – we round-up this weekend’s weird, wacky and wonderful news stories! Click on the titles to go through to the online story.

The Middle Aged ‘Selfie’

You would have undoubtedly heard and seen of the new trend fix on social media websites known as the ‘selfie’, usually showcasing teenagers taking a close-up shot of themselves arms length. However, there seems to be a new craze hitting twitter with the middle-aged ‘selfie’ on the rise, with cricketer Shane Warne being the leader of the pack. This should be a note to anyone attempting to do a selfie over 40 – do think twice!

The new ‘Grasshopper breeder’ is nominated for a design award

We thought we had seen it all, however we were wrong with the latest gadget being an insect breeder. Yes, you heard correctly, the world may have to turn to eating insects as a source of protein as global suppliers are struggling to feed the 7 billion people on the planet. The terrarium-style insect breeder known as the Lepsis, is said to fit alongside other kitchen appliances – eventually making a stylish kitchen appliance as well as food. With grasshoppers growing on green hexagonal-patterned grid, this can then be turned into a stylish transparent compartment – making a chic kitchen appliance.

What do you all think on this matter? Would you be able to brave eating a grasshopper?

A ‘wheelie’ good idea? 

With the Tour de France in full swing what better way to watch it then in a café full of ‘Wiggo-wannabes’. Instead of the same average café serving hot drinks and bacon butties, the ‘bike bistro’ allows you to sit back and relax with a beer, watching the tour on the big screen, as well as getting your bike fixed at the same time! With the amount of road cyclists increasing by 12% since 2000, this might be the upcoming place to be.

Sleep more, eat less

Who’d have thought that staying up late on a Saturday night could make you pile on the pounds? Not only does lack of sleep have an effect on energy levels but it could also be making your waistline get considerable larger. Scientists have discovered an increase in calorific intake due to number of meals eaten during the period of additional hours. Unfortunately for men, they gained more weight than women during the sleep restriction.

Our population is growing at a scary rate

A interesting but scary fact to see that the population is increasing by 1 billion every decade – which does prompt the question, will there ever be a change to the way the world lives? With the world under constant scrutiny over food and water shortages and global warming, are we fueling this problem? Could this mean we really are heading for the biggest crisis in human history?