Here at Wild Card we’re always on top of the latest news stories, and as we’re such a considerate agency we’ve decided to run down the weekends best stories so you don’t have to… lovely!

Covered in Glory – The Guardian Weekend

Instead of discounting your Nan’s tatty old chair, why not revamp it instead with a little help from some of this season’s most stylish fabrics? Try stapling on your favourite fabric, adding some buttons and repainting the woodwork – guaranteed to turn any chair into a work of art.

Our verdict: Fabulous idea – updating an old piece of furniture doesn’t need to be hard, just a lick of paint can often work wonders and turn something you hate into something you love again!


Britain’s First Ever Cookbook – The Mail on Sunday

A cookbook has been found dating back to 1140, it was written in Latin and kept by the monks of Durham Cathedral for entertaining members of the aristocracy. Recipes include Beef with mustard, Mutton with mint and Duck in a vinegar and garlic sauce.

Our verdict: These recipes may be almost 900 years old, but it shows our tastes haven’t changed that much as these dishes wouldn’t look out of place in Côte Brasserie – pass us the Dijon!

51 Things to do in England – The Sunday Telegraph

Visit England have released 51 things to do in England ahead of St. Georges day tomorrow, incorporating activities from across the country. These include eating Oysters in Kent, visiting Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, Dressing up for Royal Ascot in Berkshire and walking over the O2 in London.

Our verdict: Who needs to go on holiday when we have so many amazing things to do on our doorsteps! I know watching the Cheese Rolling contest at Cooper’s Hill has always been on my bucket list – what do you love about England?

Snap – The Mail on Sunday Event Magazine

Celebrities are all over instagram at the moment with Twitter being, like, so last week, darhling! They belong to one of four types – the Pets Tribe (aka. Bieber with his Monkey and Kelly Brook with her pet pooch) Selfies Tribe (how many pictures of yourself can you post? Yes, we’re talking to you Rihanna and Kim Kardashian) Famous Friends Tribe (Guess who’s my new bestie?? Barack Obama and Paris Hilton we’re looking straight at you!) and The High Life Tribe (“Have a look at my new Rolex/Private Jet/Sports Car” – insert the name of almost any rapper or premier league footballer here).

Our verdict:  We all love instagram here at the Parker Hobart office, but guys, please stop taking photos of yourselves – time to think outside the box!

Sleeper Bus to Scotland? – The Mail on Saturday

Budget coach firm Megabus have announced the launch of a new overnight sleeper bus service between London and Scotland starting from just £15 each way. Passengers will be provided with complimentary onesies, pillows, toothbrush and drinks.

Our verdict: We think it’s a great idea, but we’re not sure if we want to be wearing a pre-worn onesie – plus jumping on a train means we get to see the beautiful English countryside rather than the M1, a definite plus!