It’s that time again folks, your weekend paper round up. While you were out enjoying that sunshine, we were reading through each one finding the stories to make your Monday!

Sloane Ravers

Sunday Times Style has identified a new social group, the Sloane Ravers!  This new breed of Sloanies boast snapback baseball caps, neon hot pants and high-tops and are normally hanging out with their floppy, handsome boyband boyfriend. They’re posh, pretty and know how to party!

A man’s guide to the summer…

The Times on Saturday has compiled a guide to the summer for the modern man. Pale linen suits, Centre Parcs and BBQs are in, ogling girls on the beach is out (unless you’re wearing dark sunglasses.) When it comes to swimwear, the simple rule is Italians and PE teachers can wear Speedos, for everyone generic diflucan reviews else there are shorts.

The tricks of the trade in the restaurant industry

Author Imogen Edwards-Jones lifts the lid on the secrets of the restaurant industry, from tricks used to charge customers more to what really goes into food preparation.

Escape from the gym

The weather has been far too nice to be spending hours pounding it on a treadmill, so with this in mind the Mail on Sunday has pulled together there top outdoors workouts. This summer why not try out silent disco aerobics, gladiator training or Slacklining (tightrope walking between trees.)

Selfies have gone global

The Observer discusses whether ‘selfies’ are a harmless fad or a sign of society’s increasing narcissism. Is this trend putting more pressure on how we appear and whether the outside world accepts the way we look? You decide……