As the sun was shining for most of the weekend, we completely understand that you probably didn’t get round to reading all the weekend papers. Fear not though – the Parker Hobart team have come to the rescue with some of the highlights!

Could you become a part-time Vegan?

It seems that Gwyneth Paltrow & Bill Clinton will not be joining the Parker Hobart team any time soon. As a team of big foodies, we can’t quite get our head around the new celebrity diet crazy of being a part-time vegan. Gwynnie & Bill are swapping skinny lattes for kale juice but we won’t be following in their footsteps any time soon!

Summer Loving

This weekend we got another glimpse of what summer might look like. In the hopes that it is set to continue, Laura Atkinson from Style gave her pickings of the season’s hippest, hottest happenings. We’re buy fluconazole tablets online particularly excited by the sound of Disco in Soho – a new club that promises choreographed dance routines and drinks in oversized glitterballs!

Travelling in Style

According to The Guardian’s Money section, more train travellers than ever are choosing to go first class as it has become increasingly affordable. More leg room? Bigger seats? Not being squashed up against strangers? Sign us up!

The Sharants strike again

Last week we read an article in the Guardian about the new breed of social media savvy parents, commonly known as the ‘sharants’ – those that post every last details about their kids. This weekend You Magazine offer their opinion on the story, commenting that parents are now using their children’s lives as the new currency on social media. Thankfully they have given a guide to the new age social media etiquette which we hope many parents will take note of!