This week, Balance magazine revealed its ‘Wellness 100’. Jamie Oliver leads this list of the most inspiring individuals making society ‘happier, healthier and more mindful using their voice for positive change.’

These wellness warriors of the world showcase current trending topics on the news agenda, from natural ingredients, environmental causes and health initiatives to gun laws and male mental health. It’s one hell of an ambassador list… Pick up a free copy if you’re in London or check out the list here.

Here’s a further selection of recommended wellness reads to inspire you as a person and/or your brand – and there are a few books planning to publish over the next few months – so get on to that pre-order list.

Recommended wellness reads to inspire (in no particular order):

What a time to be alone’, the ultimate guide for self-love and acceptance by The Slumflower (aka Chidera Eggerue), who is one of the Wellness 100. Her #SaggyBoobsMatter movement has come to be about our lack of self-love, body-standards and bullying. In her words, “There are young women living their lives hating themselves because they do not see their body types represented enough in positions of positivity and success. This matters.” Read the full ELLEinterview with the 23 year old here. Out on July 26th.

In The Moment magazine, new in June 2017 (sister publication to Project Calm), documents ‘mindful ways to live well’ for women who are curious about mindfulness and how it can fit into everyday life. Its podcast is worth a listen if you’re on-the-go.

Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle media and ecommerce brand (lately reported as valued at $250m), recently released a new podcast with her first guest none other than Oprah Winfrey. She reveals her fairly balanced and realistic take on food and wellness practice, from her celebrity view point. The Weekrecommends a further list of health and wellness podcasts which you can find here.

Read about modern mindfulness with Will Williams – the wellbeing expert everyone’s talking about in London. The Effortless Mind: Meditation for the Modern World is out on 3rdMay. Read his interview with DOSE here, where he discusses ‘swapping Red Bull for birdsong, overcoming years of chronic insomnia and why meditation is the new hedonism’.

Welltodo is a global wellness news platform, set up by Laura Armes, one of the Wellness 100. Originally London focused, it became global facing at the end of 2015 – the Welltodo Todaynews section collates key news articles impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Why we sleep, by Matthew Walker came out last October. Sleep is a subject that has remained high on the news agenda, with a new report this week stating that ‘night owls’ are more likely to have early deaths than morning larks. Book review by The Guardian’sMark O’Connell here. “Walker’s tone is mostly chipper and likable in the standard pop-sci style, and he is excellent at explaining complex neurological phenomena for a general readership […] It’s probably a little too soon to tell you that Why We Sleep saved my life, but I can tell you that it’s been an eye-opener.”

The Well of Being, a children’s book for adults’, by Jean-Pierre Weill has been referenced as a ‘mind changer’ and ‘a beautifully rendered reminder of what is important’. It’s recently found pride of place on my book shelf. I found that it provides a reconnection and a reason to pause. It has such depth, you’ll be drawn to re-read it over and over, allowing the subtleties and messages to seep into you, opening and inspiring your mind.

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Words: Maddi Tiscoe

Head of Wellness & Lifestyle at Wild West Comms