This week we asked Jess, our resident digital leader, to share her favourite website recommendation with us and explain what makes it so great. So what is her favourite site?

There are very few brands that successfully and fluidly connect their digital and physical presence but West Elm are a great example of how to do it well. Their website, blog, newsletter and all social media channels all adopt the same look, feel and tone of voice that’s encapsulated in their stores. They know who they are, they are incredibly current and they make the consumer want to buy into the West Elm lifestyle.

From your very first click, the West Elm site entices you to stick around. It’s visually engaging, simple to navigate and the language is warm & welcoming without being too sales led. The homepage is focused on around 4 key images – each one beautifully shot, cleverly showing off their full product range and immediately capturing the essence of the brand, making the user want to click through to find out more.

Buying from the site is dangerously easy, again because of their great photography. When you browse through the different categories, each product is displayed within a beautiful, seasonal setting that immediately makes you want the West Elm lifestyle. Note to all brands: lifestyle photography will sell your products better than a cut-out on a white background!

One of the stand out areas on their site is their ‘We Love’ section – a great round up of some of their key looks in an easy to digest format as well as some video content. Within this section, one of our all-time favourite bloggers Holly Becker from Decor8, does an “in conversation with” feature with some of the world’s best interiors & style bloggers. This is another great example of West Elm’s forward thinking approach and solid understanding of the industry.

What can you learn from West Elm’s website?

1. Strong imagery makes a website – imagery must be styled well, enhance the product and emulate a lifestyle that your customers will want to buy into

2. Understand who you are – once this is nailed, you can ensure that all your communication is aligned. This will help to more deeply engage with your end consumer

3. Talk about more than just your products – collaborate with like-minded brands and individuals who will give your consumers interesting and relevant content to read when browsing your products. This will keep them engaged for longer and give them a reason to keep coming back!