Sophie Cobley has joined Wild Card as an intern for the Summer.  She tells us about her experiences so far.


I can’t stress how quickly my first two weeks as an intern at Wild Card have gone as considering the amount I’ve learnt here, a month could easily have flown by. Interning at Wild Card is definitely not about making tea or coffee, and it’s much more than scanning and filing.


The work I’ve done here so far has been challenging and fulfilling. The fast-paced working environment has allowed me to put my avid list-making obsession into practise. It is amazing how quickly the day goes when you are working on something different every couple of hours.


Before starting work at Wild Card, I associated PR agencies with getting brands more awareness in the press. However working here leaves room to be a lot more creative than I expected. Wild Card fulfils a fundamental role in the creative process behind building a brand identity and so, as part of the team, there is room to think outside the box in terms of inspiration for exciting campaigns, alongside plenty of opportunity for creative writing.


Not only has the past two weeks opened my eyes to what really goes on in a PR office, it has even provided me the opportunity to actually use my experiences at university in a business environment. This is something that, having studied history and Italian – a notoriously impractical language choice – I never thought I would be able to do. My involvement with the Giovanni Rana account has provided an exciting opportunity to make use of my year abroad in Italy. I’ve been given the opportunity to translate my experience into inspiration for how to live life the authentic Italian way, the theme of the digital hub created for the client.


I was lucky enough to attend two internal training sessions in my first week alone. The first providing insight into the key principles of creative strategy in the world of PR pitches and the second offering advice on how to work a room effectively at networking events. It is evident from my time so far that every member of the team is valued, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store over the next few months.