WhatsApp is about to undergo a big change that will see it becoming more similar to Facebook and Instagram, both of which are owned by Facebook.

The new WhatsApp Status feature will likely see WhatsApp begin to be used as a platform for advertisers and businesses who can target users directly. WhatsApp has been looking for a way to do this in a discreet way and it seems they have decided that this new feature will do this in the best way, whilst also enabling WhatsApp to make money.

WhatsApp’s current purpose is solely for users to read and type messages to friends. The new update will see a change from this quick use to using the app in a similar way to Instagram and Facebook, where people spend long periods of time scrolling through large amounts of content and advertisements.

WhatsApp is clearly following a trend as the way that buy fish fluconazole people will see this content will be most similar to the hugely popular Snapchat Stories feature, which has recently been adopted by both Instagram and Facebook under the same name. WhatsApp will call this feature WhatsApp Status.

The content itself will be available for selected friends, much like snapchat, and will include photos, videos (that can have captions and be sketched over with drawings), GIFs and emoji’s which will only be available to users for a limited time of 24 hours.

This transition will be a much larger one for WhatsApp than it was for Facebook and Instagram as WhatsApp is currently only used to send messages. Only time will tell whether WhatsApp’s users will welcome this change or whether the users of WhatsApp value its current practical simplicity and will resent being bombarded with yet more content and adverts.