To launch New Covent Garden Soup Co.’s ‘Off to the Seaside’ campaign, Wild Card investigated just what our favourite childhood memories are…

The research revealed that 73% of Brits say their fondest childhood memories were from being on the beach. Wild Card approached its national and regional news desks contacts with a list of the nation’s top 50 childhood memories to secure coverage with the Express and Mirror, both in print and online, as well as with several regional newspapers.

Wild Card also held a radio day with campaign spokesperson and clinical psychologist Dr. Nihara Krause, speaking to 17 radio stations across the country on both national and regional programmes. Dr. Krause discussed the research findings and importance of creating strong, happy childhood memories with presenters, reaching an estimated 3 million listeners.

The research story was part of a wider campaign titled ‘Off to the Seaside’, where New Covent Garden Soup Co. recreated these childhood memories by hosting family beach days across the country.

As well as nostalgic seaside activities and exciting giveaways, New Covent Garden have been ‘souping up’ people’s days and fueling the fun by serving tasty flavours to passers-by. Wild Card secured coverage in local news and lifestyle outlets to encourage local participation in the events as well as inviting local bloggers and influencers along to join the fun, such as The Slimming Foodie.

Click here to for more on the ‘Off to the Seaside’ campaign.

Which are your favourite childhood memories from the 50 most common listed below?

  1. Family holidays
  2. Playing hide and seek
  3. Collecting shells on the beach
  4. Hop scotch
  5. Watching Top of the Pops
  6. Sports days
  7. Watching children’s TV
  8. Fish and chips
  9. Pic ‘n mix sweets
  10. Playground games (British bulldog etc.)
  11. Pencil cases
  12. Climbing trees
  13. Egg and spoon races
  14. Recording the music charts on a Sunday
  15. School dinners
  16. Collectible toys/ cards etc.
  17. Ice creams from the ice cream van
  18. Playing outside until dark
  19. Paddling in the sea
  20. Dinner ladies
  21. Putting your teeth under the pillow after falling out
  22. Kiss chase
  23. Fighting with siblings
  24. Fishing for tadpoles
  25. Going to Woolworths to buy records
  26. Playing on a rope swing in the woods
  27. School field trips
  28. Visiting cousins
  29. Making daisy chains and wearing them around your head
  30. Going ‘back to school’ shopping at the end of summer holiday
  31. Getting up early in the morning to go on holiday
  32. Reading magazines
  33. Exploring rock pools
  34. Using jumpers for goal posts
  35. School tuck shop
  36. Playing in the paddling pool
  37. Ice cream floats
  38. Running around outside bare foot
  39. Sleepovers
  40. Packed lunches
  41. Swimming in the cold sea
  42. Playing tennis against the wall
  43. Scratch and sniff stickers
  44. Getting told off by the teacher
  45. Staying up late for New Year’s parties
  46. Sliding on the grass in school uniform
  47. Paper rounds
  48. Going camping
  49. Playing car games on long journeys
  50. Singing in the back of the car