We’ve been lucky enough to have had the lovely Tegen Shipp working with us over the past month. A-level student Tegen joined us as our intern at the start of August and has been a real asset to the office, combining a calm demeanour with a can-do attitude.


We insisted that one of Tegen’s last tasks was to answer some questions about her time with us, and she was happy to oblige. See you soon Tegen – and thank you!”

Why did you choose a communications agency for your work experience?

I was keen to try PR and communications for my work experience as it seems like an interesting and ever-changing sector. It is ever more important for businesses to set themselves apart from competitors and help showcase their brand identity to the public. PR enables them to do this.

I was also interested in the emerging social media campaigns which have increased in frequently over the past few years. I wanted to be able to get an insight and understanding of this area.

How much did you know about PR before you started?

I have always had an underlying passion for business, and gained background knowledge about marketing and PR from my GCSE business course.  I did further reading on PR before I came to Wild West which was useful. I now have an AS level qualification in business and am going on to study it for my second year at Truro College!

What did you learn?

I learnt a lot from the Wild West team – they have really enabled me to expand my knowledge of the business world. I think a key skill I have learnt during my time at Wild West is how to communicate and develop creative ideas.

What did you most enjoy?

I really enjoyed researching potential brand partnerships and working on looking at new, creative ways of presenting a business to its target audience.

Did anything surprise you about what we do?

I was surprised at how relevant print media still is, to brands and businesses looking to reach their core audience. I thought that PR had much more of a digital focus, rather than working across many platforms as I’ve learnt at Wild West.

Does a career in PR interest you?

Yes, I think that a career in PR would definitely be interesting, as there are various areas that you can specialise in (travel and tourism, food etc.). It is a moving sector that is constantly becoming more creative and innovative.

Where do you want to be in 10 years’ time?

In ten years’ time I hope to have a degree and a successful career within the world of business!