No matter what you think about the Tube, it’s London’s unsung hero. Every day, shuttling millions of busy-bodies, hordes of tourists and everything (and anything) in between.

Quick fact – there is only one Tube station which does not have any letters of the word ‘mackerel’ in it, St John’s Wood.

We love London Underground here at Parker Hobart, so when we heard of the planned strikes this week (and even more next week) we were very upset. Even with a face-full of l’eau d’armpit, we’re fond of the Tube. Always there to ferry us home. Mainly fast and reliable. Here’s some of our woes and pros of the subterranean wonder-train we admire.


  • People hogging poles
  • Being molested
  • Face in armpits
  • Being leant on
  • Backpacks
  • Broadsheets on the tube
  • Catching a cold


  • Buskers
  • Classical music at Vauxhall
  • The announcer on the platform at Victoria
  • Boxing-style announcements at Waterloo
  • The tube arriving on time
  • Getting a seat
  • Wimbledon ‘Womble Man’

Find more interesting facts, like we did, via The Telegraph’s 150 fascinating Tube facts.