Wild Card is a London based, PR & communications agency, shaping brand stories for multi-platform campaigns.

Add Wild Card to your integrated team of agencies working collaboratively on all brand messaging to ensure a cohesive approach to all brand stories in the public and B2B sphere. Our team of communication experts are an integral part of 360 brand planning, to work alongside ATL and shopper marketing teams.

Wild Card also specialises in social media integrated thinking, to ensure a seamless connection between coverage generated, key influencers engaged with and the direct to consumer interaction.



The Wild Card team delivers communications for both retained and project based clients with all strategic planning based on clear insight across our portfolio, we also operate as a collaborative cross-agency partner on larger brands marketing teams.

Our proprietary evaluation tool, Smart Media Index, ensures bullseye audiences are reached with tailored content.



We are social & digital specialists working across a large and varied portfolio of clients on both a retained and project basis. We find the sweet spot for brands that is the perfect blend of what brands want to talk about and what consumers are interested in.

We create tailored content to ensure maximum reach and engagement across every platform.



The key to engaging audiences and delivering shareable content is originality of thought and design.

Wild Card offers a wide spectrum of in house creative services to ensure each piece of bespoke content is on brand and tailored to target consumers.



Whether you’re looking for extra support to promote a major event, want to trial a social media channel takeover, or are looking to for support on a short term campaign, we offer a range of bespoke PR services which are costed individually.



We work with brands to develop strong stories and pitches that resonate with B2B audiences. Our understanding of the markets our clients operate in allow us to tell engaging narratives and deliver successful outcomes.



We help companies to tell a compelling story and engage with a wide range of stakeholders. Our strong campaigns and incisive strategy ensures businesses are able to build and protect their reputations across multiple platforms.